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Our craftsmanship is displayed in some of the world’s most famous historic buildings such as the Houses of Parliament, Lancaster House and Spencer House, Most prestigious hotels which includes Claridges, Savoy and Connaught private luxury Yachts and Apartments in Britain, Italy and Monaco We feel justifiably proud of both the quality of our finishes and the care we take of our clients and their most treasured possessions.

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Recent Projects

Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar Temple

Gilded Altar - Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar Temple

Alluminium and Copper Ceilings

Private Apartment - Alluminium and Copper Ceilings

Palladium Ceiling

Private Apartment - Palladium Ceiling


About HG Gilding - Superior Quality Decorating

We're a team of decorators in London who combine the best of old-school craftsmanship with the latest equipment and materials. Our speciality is a flexible redecoration service for Shops, Historical and Residential Buildings in London and we have 15 years experience of delivering these projects, as well as many satisfied clients.

Our responsive communication - using your preferred combination of phone, email and WhatsApp - will come as a reassuring breath of fresh air if you have ever had a poor experience with slow-to-respond contractors.

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Gilding is decorative technique for applying
fine gold leaf to a surffices such as wood, plaster, stone and metal.

Methods of Gilding:

  • Oil Gilding
  • Water Gilding
  • Acrylic Gilding

We use wide range of metals from finest Gold & Palladium to Aluminium & Dutch metals.


We are experienced in varies types of paint & Materials
Providing superior standard of paint finishes for high end recidential interiors & exteriors

  • Flat colours
  • Modern and Traditional precise Painting
  • Special Finishes